Compendium Reflection Questions

These reflective questions are intended to support individuals or small groups in taking forward ideas from the TPD@Scale Compendium into their own work.


The Compendium describes 17 TPD programs that use ICTs to facilitate access and participation in professional learning for large numbers of teachers or for teachers working in very challenging conditions. Look back at the different examples and identify two or three programs that offer potential for your own context.


What features of these programs particularly interested you? These features might be: use of a particular tool, ways of organizing support or differentiated access to learning materials, involvement of teachers in creating materials, peer support or assessment, or an adaptive approach to implementation.


How would you need to adapt these programs to be appropriate for your context? This might involve integrating features from different programs or making adaptations to the program that seems most promising for your context.
Note down how you would adapt (or not) these features of your selected model or models:


Access and engagement with materials that encourage active experimentation in the classroom


Form and frequency of peer collaboration and reflection (social learning)


Interactions with experts (mentors, tutors, facilitators, coaches)


Adaptations for different groups of teachers, e.g., teachers working in remote areas, teachers without connectivity, teachers of children from minority ethnic or language groups, teachers of displaced children, etc.
In thinking about adaptation, we suggest you consider:
  • Teachers’ professional learning priorities

  • Teachers’ motivation and time for TPD

  • Equity issues

  • Available financing
Note what data you need to make these adaptations to the model and how you might begin to collect this data.


Which stakeholders will you need to involve in moving forward with TPD@Scale in your context? How might you engage them with the TPD@Scale ideas and approach?